Just for you

Sleeping with his tiger and getting hair all over everything. Fortunately it was Sunday so I was about to change my sheets anyway.

Archie’s gettin’ sexy!

Who knew cats liked boxes?

If these three ever form a band, this will be the cover of their first album.

This guy’s name is Milton. I took this picture late one night when I was farting around with something in my shop. He stepped on some uncertain footing and landed in the trash can. His cries were pitiful but he had to wait a minute so I could get the picture. Suffering for my art, yeah.

This is Elmer. You’ve read his story. Someone told me once that he was just like any other cat and I guess he was in most ways, but not in the most important one. He was my cat.

I cropped this pic so only his eyes and ears were showing and now it’s my wallpaper. Milton was a sweet boy and we really loved him. You can too if you want.

I hope these awesome cat pictures lift your spirits. Thanks for looking.

6 thoughts on “Just for you

        1. You know cats have a somewhat different form of harmony. I think we call it dissonance. I hear it every day when it’s time to eat. Knowing that, If you insist, you shall have a first run copy on colored vinyl with a gatefold cover, graphic design TBD. May God have mercy on your soul.

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