The grass is always greener (Is it now?)

OK, this one’s for free. As I, among others, often say, no hair too fine. As much as I hate cutting the grass, I have to admit this is a little excessive.

The first time I saw this awe inspiring image, my first thought was “Erma Bombeck, I hope you’re wearing a dress, because your pants are ON FIRE. Given that Ms. Bombeck has departed this life, I think it’s appropriate to say that I hope her pants aren’t on fire for any other reason.

So Geez, Kenny, where is this all going?

It’s going here. We’ve been fortunate with the rain this summer, but there’s always a price. A mower with a mulching deck is a real good thing as long as your grass is dry. Otherwise the mulched cuttings can jam up the blades and smoke test the belts, so it’s best to wait a little. It took me three passes to make this cut and I might get the whole thing under control if I can get out there again in a couple days to really shave it down. I’ll pray for rain if you all will pray that I don’t break my neck. May we all prosper on the journey. Thanks for looking.

10 thoughts on “The grass is always greener (Is it now?)

  1. Same issue here in West Central Florida, where 2 inches of rain per day is not just expected, but is it’s own religion. That is why I threw in the towel and hired a law service. Let them figure it out. And for the record, they do. Our yard NEVER looks less than spectacular.


    1. It’s beautiful all right but you really gotta stay on top of it. There’s weird terrain, compound slopes and reverse cambers, as well as some dodgy traction conditions. Wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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  2. We’ve had similar problems, usually over the septic system… but as you can see, not this year. There are years when we have to mow every 3 days. In 2022? It’s been every 3 weeks. We’re crazy dry.

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    1. How (crazy) dry I am! But really, I’m feelin’ it for you. I know how much pride you take in your outdoor spaces. It may be time for some drought resistant grass, but that stuff is usually like walking on a doormat.

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