It’s the end of the world as we know it . (How ya feelin’?)

I love museums of almost all kinds, as long as they can stay on topic and resist the urge to place their prejudices ahead of the facts. A ten ton triceratops skeleton is natural history. A ten ton triceratops wearing a saddle with a caveman on top is propaganda. That’s why I like art museums. It’s damn hard to say something isn’t art, even if it is propaganda. So here’s some art.

That’s all good, and it is a beautiful book, but a table of contents would have been great.

There are saints and angels, the beast from the sea and let’s not forget the great whore of Babylon. Hey, even Hitler had a girlfriend. I can’t read it but it sure is nice to look at the pictures. Thanks for looking.

3 thoughts on “It’s the end of the world as we know it . (How ya feelin’?)

  1. I love museums of all kinds, and yes, good ones stick to the facts as best as they can be known. Probably the most interesting was visiting Pompeii many years ago. It felt very fresh, like the eruption had happened yesterday, and I felt the tragedy.

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  2. I’m a museum rat from way back. Growing up in Jersey, the Met and MOMA were my playground. Museum of the American Gangster? Been there. The Baked Bean Museum? Done that.
    Never met a museum I didn’t like…

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