It’s the end of the world as we know it . (How ya feelin’?)

I love museums of almost all kinds, as long as they can stay on topic and resist the urge to place their prejudices ahead of the facts. A ten ton triceratops skeleton is natural history. A ten ton triceratops wearing a saddle with a caveman on top is propaganda. That’s why I like art museums. It’s damn hard to say something isn’t art, even if it is propaganda. So here’s some art.

That’s all good, and it is a beautiful book, but a table of contents would have been great.

There are saints and angels, the beast from the sea and let’s not forget the great whore of Babylon. Hey, even Hitler had a girlfriend. I can’t read it but it sure is nice to look at the pictures. Thanks for looking.

Forever’s gonna start Tonight

I met Cathy on June 30, 1985. Neither of us was exactly dressed to the nines (Huh? That’s right), so that couldn’t have been it, but the attraction was undeniable. She was visiting from Florida, seeing friends in Atlanta. One of them was my roommate, there’s a bit of luck. After a week of trying to build a love affair for the ages, we built this.

We weren’t sure whether or not to start a family, so we experimented with a rubber chicken. SCIENCE! Photo: Doug Hamilton. Olan Mills was closed.


Much later, our thirty sixth anniversary. We had dinner at, you guessed it, Vinnies Neighborhood Italian. But wait! What did we eat? I’m glad you asked.

Cathy told me there was kale in the soup but I ain’t believing it. There are definitely lots of teeny tiny meatballs, though. Forget an Italian wedding, I’d eat this at an Armenian funeral. One important thing: If you can’t reach a consensus regarding an appetizer, you need a well reasoned method of conflict resolution.

The chicken Parm came on a mighty slab of poultry. It was Cathy’s supper the following day. I got a double shot of mashed potatoes with my chicken Marsala because I knew there was going to be some serious gravy.

Dessert, as you can easily see, was delicious. New York style cheesecake from some place in Brooklyn, and white coconut cake, Italian style, with a bunch of almonds along for the ride.

At the end of it all it was a great meal at our favorite restaurant. Being there with Cathy is what makes it special. It kinda makes me think about making some rubber chicken Marsala. Thanks for looking.


That’s right, you know what I’m talkin’ about. We finally broke down and went to a show. And what a show. There were about two hundred people there, more than I was happy with, but I’m sure there were others who felt that way about me. It was an all ages show, which generally drives me nuts, but psychobilly parents are apparently a different breed. There were only a few kids, maybe a dozen, and they seemed pretty focused on the music, impressive.

This magnificent shot will give you an idea of the performance space. I’ve been in smaller ones, and there is a decently spacious lobby as well as a patio where you can smoke, vape or choke, your choice.

Cathy and our long time beastie, Leisa, are enjoying a refreshing beverage. Well, Leisa is. Cathy won’t touch beer but, for some reason, she really likes cider. Not this one, apparently. I tasted it and it was like stale PBR with a shot of juicy juice in it. She drank it anyway since Leisa bought it, and because she’s a trouper.

Things are a bit out of order here. The opening act for the reverend was a band out of Detroit called the Koffin Kats. They’ve been around this music scene since 2003, making big scary noise everywhere they go. Here’s a good one.

That’s my weekend hair. I’m not hung over and I didn’t have a stroke. I did, however, go there, do that and get the t-shirt.

Those of you who know your history should know the significance of this picture. The rest of you soon will. Thanks for looking.

The Multiverse of Madness

This is my Doctor Strange poster. It’s copyrighted 1983 but I bought it in ’86. It has graced the walls of everywhere I have lived since then. I had to sell my comics on one of the saddest days of my life. When Marvel began putting out movies I was hoping for a Doctor strange movie. Yay, big ass yay.

Multiverse of Madness is brilliant in more ways than I can count. The casting is spot on, the large cast of characters seems custom made for an old geezer like me and, since superhero stories are incredible by nature, the willing suspension of disbelief came more easily to me than it would in a film of another genre. Then there’s Benedict Cumberbatch. I think I’ll just stop right there.

The film was directed by Sam Raimi, Who gave us Evil Dead 1 and 2, as well as Army of Darkness, Spider Man 1,2 and 3 and, yes, Drag me to Hell, admittedly not his best work. I have heard that someone-coughcoughcough-Rivergirl-cough- (Excuse me) has certain feelings about that particular film but it would be a shame to miss this excellent movie because of a misstep. We went to the theatre to see it in 3d and it was totally worth the trip, except for the $6.00 drink, but if that’s not your thing, stream it at home. You won’t be disappointed. So do yourself a solid and get strange, real strange.

Verdant Mountain Splendor-Blackberry Winter Edition

We were sitting on the porch this past Saturday. It was kinda like this.

It was supposed to be pretty sketchy, weather wise, but it wasn’t . The alternating sun and clouds were fun to watch. I saw this:

Look at all the shades of green. This view blows me away every year. Yes, I cropped out the Goodwill trailers. Now that we all know the unattractive truth there isn’t any sense in staring at it.

I like the rain from here. The sound of the drops of rain rattling down through the oak leaves and the smell of ozone and freshly washed air are a tonic for my soul.

Right now we have the rhododendron and some bachelor’s buttons (?) coming up. There will be others throughout the year. We have flower beds all over the place. I’ll have to dig up some and put a colorful post together for all you gardening types.

I walked around back for this shot.

I’ll be mowing some of it today, Cathy thinks it’s messy. I like it right now. There are these little flowers all around, I call them buttercups but they look more like strawflowers, sue me. I love the spring meadow look and I don’t like mowing right now because of all the itty bitty baby bunnies.

There will be some hardscaping projects over the next few months. I’ll get some pics as they become available.

Thanks for looking.

I like books. Who knew?

These are my books. There are many like them but these books are mine. Sorry all, I watched Full Metal Jacket the other day and digressed. Onward. There are books elsewhere in the house, but these are the ones that I am interested in exclusively. I’m not going to break these down all in one post, that may prove tedious and I want to make the tedium last as long as possible. Let’s go.


I worked in internal logistics and process improvement for an aerospace manufacturing company. That was as close to being an actual engineer as I ever got. They expect a college degree for that. I’ve always been very interested anyway . These aren’t your reading in bed type books, they’re more like reference material. Not to worry, there will be some of those books as well.

Ancient History:

I have more books on this subject which you may see later. The book in the upper right corner, with the fancy binding, is a copy of the Annals of Tacitus, considered by many to be the definitive history of Rome. It was kinda late, and those books are in a bit of an inconvenient spot, so I stopped here. More later. Thanks for looking.

Please pray for me

This guy is definitely stuck on stupid with the knob broken off. Sadly, the thundering herd of Republican candidates fighting for his job are nowhere near as dumb, but infinitely more evil.

Cathy and I agreed long ago that, if things just got too weird around here, that Portland, not Oregon, or Bangor would be a good next (Final?) step on our journey, but I’m not the kind to give up without a fight. Sorry about the link.

Eye on the Ball

Image- Katie Turk-Truman

Here’s an old picture, about twenty-five years or so. I’m not rocking this look anymore. It’s not what I want the world to see, especially since so many won’t know what they’re looking at. If you are reading this I take it to mean that you will know and understand. Whenever I look at Katie’s painting, or see the rows of body bags, or the fear, or the indomitable courage of these great people, the spirit of this man rises up inside me and he wants to do something. It’s a confusing time.

If this was the first thing, and the last thing, that murdering thug saw tomorrow morning, I would go down to my grave and sleep the sleep of the just. One thing, though; don’t wash my hands, I would bear that badge of honor. If not me, then someone. Maybe this guy.

Worth fighting for.

This is likely the only thing I will post about Ukraine. I think about Ukraine and her people all the time, but the impotent rage that fills my heart can only poison me and can’t help anyone. So it’s a little money here and there a lot of good wishes and a new little sticker on my guitar. I can’t even pray for them, just hope that the ones with the power will be convicted in their hearts to do what’s right. Thanks for looking and for keeping your eye on the ball.

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