Now I’m Cookin’

Remember when I first said I wanted a new stove? Probably not, but I did say it, and now the time has come for this coruscating vision of joy to move from my daydreams and into my kitchen.

As you can see, Betty approves. We were going to wait a bit for a new stove, but the oven control knob broke off in my hand, so we had to pull it away from the wall and unplug it to turn off the oven. The Hell if I’m doing all that every time I want to fry an egg, so we got this wee beastie. It’s a step up from the last one, with a convection oven and air fryer . Suffice it to say I am inspired. My Cajun lemon pepper jerk wings were a fine first effort, even with all four tires bawling around the learning curve.

When I buy a new car, the last think I’m thinking about is how my old floor mats are going to look in it. So, out with the old…

Aaand BING!. This is the first time I’ve ever color coordinated my cookware with my kitchen, but I do have to say it looks pretty nice. I had to pump the brakes a bit and stick with the things I’m most likely to use. Almost all of this is smaller than the things they are replacing so there’s a lot less coal mining going on to dig up what I want.

Otto: “I just got this place set up the way I like it and now you come along with your nasty old pots and pans tryna throw me out? I thought we were friends.

All attempts at humor aside, I really am excited about this. I’ve been working on better ways of cooking, trying to at least. If I come up with something good, I’ll post it up. Thanks for looking.

Home Alone

Here’s my porch

Had I considered it, I would have swept first, but the scattering of leaves and the dirt thrown out by squirrels is authentic, and I’m always trying to keep it real. The vodka in the pitcher is actually water for the plants. They liked it.

I enjoy a cigar maybe once or twice a year, this was a great opportunity. Even so, this pleasure is not without the potential for the unpleasant. That wisp of smoke that’s crossing my right eye like a caress of fire? Most unpleasant. So what about the other eye, Kenny? Well, that’s best left to your imagination.

A couple days with the house to myself, with maximum feedback and distortion, dancing like no one’s watching and smoking on the porch. What could be finer?

This could be. Damn, baby, what’s wrong with your eyes? Thanks for looking.

Just for you

Sleeping with his tiger and getting hair all over everything. Fortunately it was Sunday so I was about to change my sheets anyway.

Archie’s gettin’ sexy!

Who knew cats liked boxes?

If these three ever form a band, this will be the cover of their first album.

This guy’s name is Milton. I took this picture late one night when I was farting around with something in my shop. He stepped on some uncertain footing and landed in the trash can. His cries were pitiful but he had to wait a minute so I could get the picture. Suffering for my art, yeah.

This is Elmer. You’ve read his story. Someone told me once that he was just like any other cat and I guess he was in most ways, but not in the most important one. He was my cat.

I cropped this pic so only his eyes and ears were showing and now it’s my wallpaper. Milton was a sweet boy and we really loved him. You can too if you want.

I hope these awesome cat pictures lift your spirits. Thanks for looking.

The grass is always greener (Is it now?)

OK, this one’s for free. As I, among others, often say, no hair too fine. As much as I hate cutting the grass, I have to admit this is a little excessive.

The first time I saw this awe inspiring image, my first thought was “Erma Bombeck, I hope you’re wearing a dress, because your pants are ON FIRE. Given that Ms. Bombeck has departed this life, I think it’s appropriate to say that I hope her pants aren’t on fire for any other reason.

So Geez, Kenny, where is this all going?

It’s going here. We’ve been fortunate with the rain this summer, but there’s always a price. A mower with a mulching deck is a real good thing as long as your grass is dry. Otherwise the mulched cuttings can jam up the blades and smoke test the belts, so it’s best to wait a little. It took me three passes to make this cut and I might get the whole thing under control if I can get out there again in a couple days to really shave it down. I’ll pray for rain if you all will pray that I don’t break my neck. May we all prosper on the journey. Thanks for looking.

Dottie gets a Makeover

Dottie is short for Epiphone model ES-335 Dot. This is the only instrument I have ever named, but we are very close.

I bought this guitar used a couple years back. Ol’ Dottie was a bit of an old maid, with pretty much all basic stuff, plenty good for a casual player like myself, but I want to play casually on a world class instrument. This meant better pickups and essentially replacing everything that wasn’t made of wood. The results are spectacular. All the new hardware isn’t just black, it’s top quality stuff. And it’s not just pretty, each piece improves the sound and playability of the instrument, so it’s not just an exercise in vanity, it’s a real investment.

I get it, believe me I do. You have been so much more than generous for allowing me to bore you silly with my Prattle. In return for this, here’s a picture of Archie. He hates my guitars and will run away at the first sound. This could be discouraging but he’s a cat. Thanks for looking.

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